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Facilities Management

Service Delivery Manager (South Central) – 38989
£42,626 - £51,154


We welcome and encourage applications from everyone, including groups currently underrepresented in our workforce and pride ourselves as being an employer of choice. To find out more about how we champion diversity and inclusion in the workplace, visit:

Overview of the job

This is a key contract management role also requiring specialist knowledge, with responsibility for overseeing the delivery of the total facilities management (TFM) contract and works projects across a number of establishments, for defining projects and for technical and statutory assurance.

Note: The custodial TFM contract includes maintenance of buildings, equipment and grounds, Health and Safety and Fire safety maintenance, small-scale works and building projects, management of stores, cleaning of non-prisoner areas, waste, energy and environmental management and escorts for contractors and their vehicles.


The job holder will be responsible for the TFM contract and works projects across a number of establishments within a region, for defining projects and for technical assurance.

This role requires working unpredictable and unsocial hours sometimes at short notice, and to be on call to provide advice or attend sites at any time.

Reporting to the Regional Estate Manager (REM) and contributing to the delivery of establishment business plans the SDM will maintain contact and influence Governors or their representatives to ensure works and FM services are effective, that any issues are addressed.

This is a specialist role: FM and technical competence within the custodial estate is essential.

This is a non‐operational job.

Responsibilities,Activities and Duties

The job holder will be required to carry out the following responsibilities, activities and duties:

  • Responsible for managing the transition to the delivery of services through the new contract and operating model in respect of a number of designated prisons and other HMPPS sites.
  • Responsible for the day to day management of the TFM contract across a number of public sector prisons within a region including during unsocial hours where required.
  • Responsible for overseeing the delivery of additional works projects up to £150K.
  • Responsible for technical assurance to REM and governors and providing technical advice on delivery of the TFM contract in relation to all aspects of maintenance, repairs, improvements and standards including providing advice and support during unsocial hours.


  • Day-to-day monitoring and measurement of the delivery performance of the TFM contract through MI data and visual inspections of the facilities at establishments.
  • responsible for ensuring through an appropriate level of sample checks and monitoring that thework carried out by contractors is in accordance with the contract in terms of quality, compliance and specification, liaising with external stakeholders and influencing and instructing the contractor to resolve any delivery issues that arise but escalating to REM as appropriate.
  • responsible for managing the delivery by contractors of statutory and mandatory requirements for maintenance and a planned maintenance programme for the buildings, plant, equipment and systems of establishments and supporting validation of condition surveys of assets.
  • Performance managing the achievement of qualitative and quantitative standards including Key Performance Indicators.
  • Reviewing delivery of services compared against Contractor Method Statements and challenging when these are not met.
  • Consider whether early warning notices and compensation events are required and advise REM accordingly.
  • Monitor Early Warning Notices to ensure they are being addressed and ensure mitigation plans and risk register including early warning matters are in place and maintained.
  • Reporting MI data on the performance of the contractor to the Regional Estate Manager.
  • Monitor and assess the validity of KPI and other data flowing from contractors.
  • reporting MI data to establishment Governing Governors on contract delivery performance and to address any local issues that may need to be addressed and effectively controlling and monitoring the budget and spend on the contract (subject to any approval of spend by locally or by the REM dependent on funding lead).
  • Responsible for contributing on a quarterly basis to update report coordinated by SM for MoJ contract management oversight purposes, reflecting any material changes to the contract or performance, any remedial action / recovery plans that have been put in place and changes to the contract plan.
  • Ensure all risks and issues are addressed to resolve or are escalated and logged as per agreed risk management strategy.
  • Responsible for checking that permits to work are issued in accordance with HMPPS, contractual and statutory requirements.
  • Responsible for agreeing schedules for short and medium term planning for estates and maintenance work with the contractors, ensuring immediate requests for maintenance and repair activity (which may threaten physical security) or accommodation availability are prioritised.
  • Accountable for regularly reviewing maintenance progress by contract service providers, liaising with MOJ Estates on the planning and delivery of new builds, refurbishments and change of use across the sites, adhering to statutory planning and legislation including Construction Design and Management regulations.
  • Work in conjunction with service providers to deliver projects identified within regional business plans including development opportunities and new initiatives including infrastructure, building and environmental changes and improvements.
  • Responsible for assuring the REM and Governors that establishments meet statutory and mandatory obligations and advising where action is required; and responsible for carrying out a monitoring programme to underpin this assurance.
  • Accountable to the REM for the continued integrity of Public Sector Prisons property boundaries and for preventing any encroachment by amongst other activities ensuring an annual physical inspection of estate boundaries is completed in conjunction with TFM contractor and the Governor with a report and action plan as required for all establishments within the SDM’s area of responsibility.
  • In support of the REM contribute to the annual review of the TFM contract.
  • Responsible for monitoring all contractors’ adherence to the local security strategy.
  • Responsible for ensuring that Waste Management/ Recycling, Energy
  • Management and Biodiversity sustainability strategies are in place and adhered to by contractors.
  • Responsible for ensuring that contractors manage a) locks; b) tools and keys; c) in compliance with local & national Policy d) ensure that locking schedules are kept up to date.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all performance and management information about services and projects including new build & change of use projects is entered onto relevant systems (Planet FM CAFM/ CAIP/ 4projects).
  • Responsible for ensuring management of stock levels in stores in accordance with KPI 16 (NB Does not refer to RID stores in HSE).
  • Responsible for monitoring stock control of essential on-site maintenance items and to identify and communicate order requirements.
  • Responsible for ensuring all relevant statutory and mandatory legislation is complied with by contractors and that the contractor is complying with the MoJ Technical Standards.
  • Complete and submit returns accurately and on time as required and provide data and information to TSols in relation to litigation claims.

Additional works projects

  • Identify the requirement for all works projects including contribution to business cases and bids, and provide specialist information to the REM by completing relevant documentation to support the procurement process, this includes monitoring and assessing progress until completion (handing over project management to MoJ ED for projects over £150K).
  • Define and oversee delivery of portfolio of relevant maintenance projects (additional works projects under £150k) ensuring they meet cost, quality, time and budget allocations.
  • Act as liaison between the establishment, the REM and the project delivery group on projects over £150k to ensure effective communication and control.

Budget and payment

  • Responsible for exercising delegated budgetary authority for reactive repairs (where these exceed the contract threshold of £750), vandalism and ad-hoc services and seeking approval from REM for all spend above their delegation.
  • Manage delegated budgets in compliance with the Finance, Procurement and Materials Management policies including monitoring financial position against budget and taking action to remain within budget.
  • Verification of applications for payment by reference to MI data and visual inspections of the facilities.
  • Responsible for ensuring the TFM contract delivers within the approved budgetary and financial limits and that procured goods and services represent value for money.

Technical and specialist

  • Responsible with H & S manager for ensuring contractors comply with Health and Safety legislation.
  • Ensure risk assessments are undertaken by contractor and that contractor staff are made aware of their personal responsibility towards Health and Safety compliance.
  • Responsible with the establishment security department and the contractor for completing the physical security audit and producing a local action plan identifying corrective actions and solutions for the built environment.
  • Liaise with contractors and MoJ ED in the creation of environmental sustainability initiatives and monitor delivery against the local action plan.
  • Advise stakeholders such as governor, SMT and contractor as appropriate in conjunction with Health and Safety on specialist estates related matters including Construction Design Management (CDM) compliance, water management, gas and asbestos ensuring all relevant risks are managed.
  • In conjunction with TFM contractor contribute to thePreparationof the establishment contingency and emergency plans and ensure implementation.
  • In conjunction with the TFM contractor and, where appropriate with the REM, provide specialist advice and support in the event of operational emergencies whether during normal working day, out of hours, at weekends or on bank holidays, and providing technical management assistance and support to Governors during incidents as part of the CommandTeam.
  • In conjunction with TFM contractor ensure actions relating to estates arising from Standards Audit, HM Inspectorate of Prisons Action Plans, Managing Quality of Prison Life (MQPL) surveys including local self-audit action plans and strategies are delivered through the contract.

Undertake other management tasks including:

  • Promote Prison Service policy in all activities and behaviours e.g. promote diversity, decency, safety and reducing re‐offending agendas.
  • Provide leadership and management of the Function.   Will have the skills to apply all Human Resources (HR) related policies and practices and be able to carry out all aspects of people management such as Attendance Management, Disciplinary Investigations, Performance Management and Staff Appraisals.
  • Provide input to training and capability management to ensure staff within contract management hierarchy are appropriately trained to the required level     Manage Prisoners Complaints Process within the Function.
  • Responsible for ensuring all litigation claims relevant to the area have been dealt with in accordance with policy.
  • Oversee the compilation and regular progress reporting of performance improvement programmes.
  • Manage the appropriate authorisation of Financial Compliance Statements.
  • Manage devolved budgets in accordance with the financial procedures outlined in the budget delegation.
  • Ensure that the Function produces and analyses audit and establishment performance management information identifying variances and areas requiring improvements and work with establishments to implement actions and manage progress.
  • Contribute to the establishment’s overall achievement of (SDIs) and standards and be accountable for the performance and delivery of targets relating to the budget.
  • Responsible for ensuring implementation of all local and national policies relating to the Function, and ensure procedures implemented are compliant, including the development of new policies.
  • Contribute to the development and delivery of the medium‐to‐long term strategic business plan for the establishment / region, with overall responsibility for implementation within their Function.
  • Attend relevant boards/meetings and actively contribute either as chair or team member.
  • Responsible for ensuring the defined work areas and associated activities of contractors comply with Health and Safety legislation. Ensure all risk assessments are undertaken by contractors and staff are made aware of their personal responsibility towards Health and Safety compliance.
  • Work collaboratively and provide constructive challenge to colleagues to ensure that their own and other Functions are joined up and together contribute towards the overall delivery of the establishment’s performance.
  • Contribute to the preparation of the establishment contingency and emergency plans and ensure implementation when required.
  • Ensure the effective use of staff resources and the provision of training.
  • Produce relevant reports as required and ensure that responses to correspondence are within agreed timescales.
  • Carry out investigations and administration including those in relation to incidents of potential discrimination and report on findings.
  • Accountable for ensuring actions arising from Standard Audit, Her Majesty Inspectorate of Prisons (HMIP) Action Plans and Managing Quality of Prison Life.
  • Actively encourage staff engagement within the Function to ensure objectives are met.

The duties/responsibilities listed above describe the post as it is at present and is not intended to be exhaustive. The job holder is expected to accept reasonable alterations and additional tasks of a similar level that may be necessary. Significant adjustments may require re-examination under the Job Evaluation Scheme and shall be discussed in the first instance with the job holder.

An ability to fulfil all spoken aspects of the role with confidence through the medium of English or (where specified in Wales) Welsh.


  • Making Effective Decisions
  • Managing a Quality Service
  • Communicating and Influencing
  • Leadership
  • Working Together
  • Changing and improving
  • Seeing the bigger picture

Essential Experience

Essential to have strong commercial and financial awareness, drive and resilience, effective team working and interpersonal skills and ability to work accurately under pressure.

Essential to have relevant project management, contract management and change management experience including experience of managing transition.

Must have experience in managing a diverse estate portfolio preferably with custodial characteristics.

Technical Requirements

Must have relevant technical or trade experience and qualification;

Must have industry recognised qualification equivalent to the BTEC Advanced Diplomain Maintenance Management covering building technology, contract and measurement procedures, mechanical technology and electrical technology.

Essential to hold National Examination Board Occupational Safety Health – National

Certificate in Construction Health and Safety

Must have completed the National Engineering and Construction Contracts

Accredited Training and have or be able to rapidly acquire excellent understanding of the TFM contract, NEC3 provisions and the associated processes.

Hours of Work (Unsocial Hours) Allowances

Require Hours Allowance – This role requires regularly working unpredictable and unsocial hours and be on call to respond to incidents at any time. A 17% payment will be paid in addition to your basic pay to recognise this. Unsocial hours are those hours outside 0700 – 1900hrs Monday to Friday and include evening, nights, weekends and Bank / Public holidays.

Additional Information

We would like to bring to your attention that since this job role was advertised the news of the progression of Functional Leadership has been announced. 

This means that this job role alongside the division it sits in (Prison Maintenance Group) will join the Ministry of Justice Estates Directorate on 2 April 2021. 


As a result of this move, existing contractual pay, terms and conditions (T&Cs) and allowances will be protected by the Cabinet Office Statement of Principles (COSoP) at the point of transfer. The pension arrangements will not change upon transfer to the MoJ.

With the transfer of this job role to the Ministry of Justice staff will move to 30 harmonised MoJ policies. These are for the most part very minor and will have no detriment or impact on T&Cs.

Working Arrangements & Further Information

Some of MoJ’s, including HMPPS, terms and conditions of service are changing as part of Civil Service reform. The changes will apply to staff joining MoJ who are new to the Civil Service. Staff joining MoJ from other civil service employers will transfer onto the new MoJ terms if they are already on ‘modernised’ terms in their current post or onto ‘unmodernised’ MoJ terms if they are on ‘unmodernised’ terms at their current post. Details will be available if an offer is made.

Standard working hours for this post are 37 hours per week excluding breaks which are unpaid.

If you are a current NPS employee, this vacancy may be available on a Loan basis for up to 2 years. Applications are invited from suitable qualified staff.

The Loan/Secondment is subject to the approval of the selected candidate’s Business Unit, which should be obtained before confirmation of appointment.


Annual Leave

-The holiday year runs from 1 March. If you work a non standard work pattern your leave entitlement may be expressed in either hours or days as appropriate. Leave entitlement is calculated on a pro-rata basis and you will be advised of your actual entitlement on appointment. If you were appointed internally and your leave was previously calculated in days, this will continue to be the case.

Bank, Public and Privilege Holidays

You are entitled to 9 days (66 hours 36 minutes) in recognition of bank, public and privilege holidays. These hours are added to your annual leave allowance. There is a requirement to work some public and bank holidays subject to your shift pattern and the operational needs of the establishment


-The Civil Service offers a choice of two pension schemes, giving you the flexibility to choose the pension that suits you best.

Work Life Balance

-HM Prison & Probation Service (HMPPS) is keen to encourage alternative working arrangements. Work life balance provides greater opportunities for staff to work more flexibly wherever managers and establishments can accommodate requests to do so. HMPPS offers flexible working subject to completion of a satisfactory probationary period and NVQ

Season Ticket Advance

-After two months’ service, you’ll be eligible to apply for a season ticket advance to purchase a quarterly or longer-period season ticket for travel between home and your place of work

Childcare Vouchers

For any moves across the Civil Service may have implications on your ability to carry on claiming childcare vouchers


-HMPPS is committed to staff development and offers a range of training and development opportunities, including areas such as Equality and Diversity, Dealing with Challenging Behaviour, Suicide Prevention and Anti Bullying Programmes

-There are opportunities to access promotion programmes and HMPPS provide a variety of training appropriate to individual posts

-All staff receive security and diversity training and an individual induction programme into their new roles


-All candidates are subject to security and identity checks prior to taking up post

-All external candidates are subject to 6 months probation. Internal candidates are subject to probation if they have not already served a probationary period within HMPPS

-All staff are required to declare whether they are a member of a group or organisation which HMPPS considers to be racist

Working for the Civil Service

The Civil Service Code sets out the standards of behaviour expected of civil servants.

We recruit by merit on the basis of fair and open competition, as outlined in the Civil Service Commission’s recruitment principles.

The Civil Service embraces diversity and promotes equality of opportunity.

There is a guaranteed interview scheme (GIS) for candidates with disabilities who meet the minimum selection criteria.