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Operational Delivery

Court Clerk (FTC) – Chester Crown Court (plus any future vacancies across Cheshire & Merseyside) – 44958
£21,170 - £26,901
Multiple Locations


We welcome and encourage applications from everyone, including groups currently underrepresented in our workforce and pride ourselves as being an employer of choice. To find out more about how we champion diversity and inclusion in the workplace, visit:

This position will be based at Chester Crown Court with the added requirement that the successful candidates may be required to clerk at other Crown Courts within Cheshire and Merseyside. 


The Tribunals Service and Her Majesty’s Court Service have been integrated into a single Agency, Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service from 1st April 2011. Bringing these two organisations together will remove duplication in management functions and increase the efficiency of the administration, which will enable HMCTS to reduce what it spends away from the front line by around £40m a year.

There will be high expectations of all staff regardless of the job they do and the need for more robust performance management. The organisation will be adopting new ways of working to ensure that it focuses on just that which is essential in the new Agency.

Band D staff will need to display a commitment to four key principles: Continuous change, LEAN principles, managing uncertainty and improving performance. All those appointed to new roles in HMCTS must be wholeheartedly committed to these principles and evidence this in their application.


As a new organisation HMCTS is embarking on a period of significant change.  Strong leadership is a critical element in this being successful.  Jobholders who have responsibility for managing staff will be required to provide clear direction and focus, visibly championing the changes which deliver greater efficiencies.  The HMCTS Delivery Directors expects managers in the organisation to operate in a culture of openness and honesty, demonstrating a commitment to change through involvement and empowerment, and by delivering results.

The key purpose of the role is to

•    To manage the courtrooms to ensure that cases are dealt with promptly in liaison with judiciary, legal profession and staff and to ensure that all subsequent results are accurately & promptly recorded in line with targets. Also to ensure that all ancillary duties are carried out effectively.

Key responsibilities

•    To ensure that a comprehensive log is kept of representation orders and that a judge’s report is available at all sentence hearings.
•    To accurately prepare case summaries for Resident Judge.
•    To ensure that applications for representation orders are checked and approved upon authorisation of Judge.
•    To determine all claims for costs including re-determinations, Prior Authority and Wasted Costs and provide written reasons in accordance with the appropriate regulations and within targets.
•    To determine accurately witnesses’ expenses within target times and provide written reasons upon request when required in accordance with guidelines.
•    Process general correspondence within target and in particular procedural deadlines for any resulting amendments.
•    Ensure compliance with financial and operational risk management policies when determining and processing costs in accordance with department guidelines.
•    Undertake any allocated tasks as part of the role i.e. PA Role to Judiciary when required; arranging marshalling and swearing in of Justices. 

•    To ensure efficient through put of listed work in the allocated court room on a daily basis, giving appropriate support to judiciary and keeping the List Office and other agencies fully appraised of developments when necessary. 
•    To meet with the Judge before sitting and to be available in Court as required.
•    To maintain full recording of hearings using the DARTS technology ensuring accurate audio allocation to correct cases. 
•    To sit in court on a daily basis and ensure that cases called on time, all parties are in court at appropriate time. Correct phraseology used for arraignment, empanelling, taking verdicts 
•    To maintain the court file including accurate recording of relevant matters and judicial decisions, accurate completion of Xhibit log and Crest Orders and all subsequent forms, orders and results exported onto the Portal within Target.
•    Carry out 100% HAP compliance of all Resulting and ensure appropriate risks are identified and managed. 
•    Ensure that appropriate codes of conduct are applied to the Courtroom and other areas of the Court premises whilst sitting and during adjournments and to actively intervene and encourage compliance.
•    To ensure that obligations under the Victim Code and the standards under the Witness Charter are complied with.
•    Ensure all court users are treated fairly and with respect, and understand how their own performance impacts on that of the court and the confidence of users.
•    Ensure that appropriate files are passed to administration teams within agreed target times.
•    Take part in and deliver employee engagement activities to effect good working relationships with staff and to improve service delivery and staff morale / motivation.
•    Comply with HMCTS values, policies and procedures (including diversity, attendance and discipline).
•    Maintain effective working relationships with the judiciary, supporting agencies, voluntary and user groups. Working with agencies to improve the level of service offered to users. 
•    Apply LEAN principles, tools and techniques to working practices to improve efficiency of operations.
•    Perform any Incident Control Duties as required in the ‘in court role’ 

Team leadership    

•    Lead a team of staff ensuring that its members are organised, and fully skilled to meet their work objectives. Effectively managing both team and individual performance, addressing any issues as they arise, in line with HR policy.

Processing and managing casework    

•    Work with staff to ensuring that casework is appropriately managed, providing information / advice where process deviations have occurred. 

Calculations and analysis    

•    Identify and implement solutions to local problems, referring more complex problems to the line manager

Communicating with the public, juries, the judiciary, other court and tribunal users and representatives of other agencies and organisations    

•    Ensure effective and timely liaison with Judiciary, Counsel, List Officer, Jury Officer, Ushers and Court users to maintain high levels of court performance.
•    Ensure Customer Standards are maintained and improved; complaints and dealt within target and in line with HMCTS Complaints Handling Policy and any feedback on lessons learnt is shared with staff. 


•    Represent the function you have been assigned to at an operational level.


•    To have a working knowledge of functions undertaken within the Cluster, to support the development and review of policies and procedures. 
•    To provide specific functions as directed by line management in line with the SOP for providing that service.


•    Reporting to a Delivery Manager.

Other duties

The post holder is required to work in a flexible way and undertake any other duties reasonably requested by line management which are commensurate with the grade and level of responsibility of this post.

Location of Post

•    The post holder will ordinarily be assigned to a single location within the Cluster but may be expected to work flexibly across a number of HMCTS venues to meet operational needs.

Relevant MOJ competencies 

Focusing on the customer 
•    I act as a role model by setting clear standards of customer service.
•    I monitor the levels of customer service.
•    I handle complaints quickly and fairly, explaining the outcome to the customer.
•    I work with customers to find other solutions to their questions when necessary.

Developing our people 
•    I lead by example by keeping my own area of expertise up to date.
•    I give and receive feedback in a helpful way.
•    I set clear standards of performance through short- term objectives and make sure they are in line with the organisation’s long-term goals.
•    I make sure I learn from my own and other people’s successes and mistakes by recognising good performance and tackling poor performance.

Using Evidence to make decisions
•    I identify the issue and choose the types of evidence I need to support, alter or reject decisions.
•    I make decisions using relevant information and methods, and promptly tell other people what the outcome is.
•    I anticipate problems, use evidence to identify the causes and then present a workable solution.

Planning and managing resources
•    I take responsibility for achieving results using available resources (people, budgets and assets).
•    I anticipate how changes and trends might affect the team’s ability to deliver business projects and programmes.
•    I actively manage risks through effective contingency planning.
•    I manage my team’s tasks to make sure they achieve the business plan.

Working as a team 
•    I listen to and build on the team’s contributions and respect other people’s opinions. 
•    I share credit and recognition with the whole team where appropriate.
•    I take time getting to know people so they can approach me about any matter.
•    I adapt how I communicate depending on the audience.

Flexible working options

HMCTS offers a flexible working system in many of its offices.

Job sharing and reduced hours

All applications for job sharing or reduced hours will be treated fairly and on a case by case basis in accordance with the MoJ’s flexible working policy and equality policy.

Excess Fares and Relocation Allowances

This job is not eligible for relocation allowances but excess fares may be considered in accordance with MoJs excess fares allowance policy.

HMCTS offers a range of benefits
Annual Leave 
Generous allowances for paid holiday starting at 23 days per year, and rising as your service increases. There is also a scheme to allow qualifying staff to buy or sell up to three days leave each year.  Additional paid time off for public holidays and 2.5 privilege days. Leave for part-time and job share posts will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

The Civil Service offers a choice of pension schemes, giving you the flexibility to choose the pension that suits you best. 

HMCTS is committed to staff development and offers an extensive range of training and development opportunities. 

•    A range of ‘Family Friendly’ policies such as opportunities to work reduced hours or job share. 
•    Access to flexible benefits such as salary sacrifice arrangements for childcare vouchers, and voluntary benefits such as retail vouchers and discounts on a range of goods and services.
•    Paid paternity, adoption and maternity leave.
•    Free annual sight tests for employees who use computer screens.

Additional Information

Working Arrangements & Further Information

Some of MoJ’s terms and conditions of service are changing as part of Civil Service reform. The changes will apply to staff joining MoJ who are new to the Civil Service. Staff joining MoJ from other civil service employers will transfer onto the new MoJ terms if they are already on ‘modernised’ terms in their current post or onto ‘unmodernised’ MoJ terms if they are on ‘unmodernised’ terms at their current post. Details will be available if an offer is made.

Flexible working hours

The Ministry of Justice offers a flexible working system in many offices.


The MoJ offers a range of benefits:

Annual Leave

Annual leave is 25 days on appointment and will increase to 30 days after five years’ service.

There is also a scheme to allow qualifying staff to buy or sell up to three days leave each year. Additional paid time off for public holidays and 1 privilege day. Leave for part-time and job share posts will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.


The Civil Service offers a choice of pension schemes, giving you the flexibility to choose the pension that suits you best.


The Ministry of Justice is committed to staff development and offers an extensive range of training and development opportunities.


  • A range of ‘Family Friendly’ policies such as opportunities to work reduced hours or job share.
  • Access to flexible benefits such as voluntary benefits,retail vouchers and discounts on a range of goods and services.
  • For any moves across the Civil Service may have implications on your ability to carry on claiming childcare vouchers
  • Paid paternity, adoption and maternity leave.
  • Free annual sight tests for employees who use computer screens.


The opportunity to join employee-run networks that have been established to provide advice and support and to enable the views of employees from minority groups to be expressed direct to senior management. There are currently networks for employees of minority ethnic origin, employees with disabilities, employees with caring responsibilities, women employees, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.

Working for the Civil Service

The Civil Service Code sets out the standards of behaviour expected of civil servants.

We recruit by merit on the basis of fair and open competition, as outlined in the Civil Service Commission’s recruitment principles. Should you feel that the recruitment process has breached the recruitment principles you are able to raise a formal complaint in the following order

1-    To Shared Service Connected Ltd (0845 241 5358 (Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm) or e mail;

2-    To Ministry of Justice Resourcing (;

3-    To the Civil Service Commission (details available here)

The Civil Service embraces diversity and promotes equality of opportunity.

There is a guaranteed interview scheme (GIS) for candidates with disabilities who meet the minimum selection criteria.

Grading Structure Review

The Ministry of Justice is currently undergoing a review of posts which are currently graded at Band A to realign our grading structure with the majority of the wider Civil Service.

Posts advertised at Band A may be graded at either Grade 6 or Grade 7 once the review has taken place.